Tinker Trouble




Tinker's Staff of Trouble
Leveled Gold

Tinker Trouble is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

It seems that Raynor Vanos used the Dwarven power core I acquired for him in Zthenganaz to rebuild and modify a Dwarven Sphere. The construct went crazy and knocked out Kireth, and when she woke up both it and her brother were missing.



  • Obtained from Kireth Vanos



  • Talk to Kireth Vanos.
  • Use the lightning prod near the wreckage.
  • Follow the image of the Dwarven sphere.
  • Talk to Raynor Vanos.
  • Use the lightning prod again.
  • Follow the image of the Dwarven sphere.
  • Use the lightning prod on the Overcharged Dwarven Sphere.
  • Talk to Kireth.
  • Use the lightning prod and track down the runaway sphere.
  • Defeat the Reachmen.
  • Follow the sphere one last time.
  • Choose who to side with.
  • Talk to Kireth.




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