To Save a Chief




Fharun's Rampart
Leveled Gold

To Save a Chief is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

High Priestess Solgra sent Eveli to recruit me for some sort of secret mission.



  • Eveli Sharp-Arrow in Orsinium



  • Talk to High Priestess Solgra.
  • Meet Eveli at Fharun Stronghold by following the elf arrows. 
  • Find a way into the prison.
  • Free the imprisoned Orc chief.
  • Find the chief's wife to confirm his story.




  • Eveli will have two suggestions on how to find the prison. The optional objective to not kill any Vosh Rakh is still in effect. There is an orc out on the walkway near the tower that you can try and get to tell you where the prison is – if you can get to him without drawing attention, perhaps if another player has cleared the mobs in the way. Both paths out to the bridge across the ravine have packs of Vosh Rakh standing around. Easier is to eavesdrop on some of the Vosh Rakh in the courtyard.
  • The optional objective is considered complete once you talk to Eveli and she drops the rope into the well. Once in the prison, if you successfully met the optional objective, talk to Frilan. He will offer you a potion to protect you from the poison in the Chamber of Scorn. He also gives you a tip on how to disable the spike traps in the spike room.Trivia, player notes,videos, fan art and such go here.


  • The first round of the Chamber of Scorn will be two ogres, the second two trolls, the third one caster and the fourth a final boss. Caster has around 60k health, while the boss has around 110k. The poison will fill the room faster for each round and you'll have to kill the mobs faster.
  • In the spike room, the controls reset after a time unless you first turn the fourth wheel found around the corner at the exit. You'll still have to get all three valves closed before any of the spikes shut off, but it gives you time to heal damage between attempts.



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