The Hidden Harvest




Winterborn Gardbrace
Leveled Gold

The Hidden Harvest is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

This Orsimer army needs to get into Frostbreak Fortress to find and destroy the source of the briarheart warriors, but the Winterborn's defenses are too strong. Between the briarhearts and the harpies, they can't break the walls.



  • Chief Urgdosh



  • Report to Siege Commander Dulph.
  • Get inside the fortress and find the missing squads.
  • Destroy the harpy aeries.
  • Find the alchemist and get inside the fort.
  • Investigate the briar heart.
  • Destroy briar heart saplings.
  • Recover Alinon's elixir.
  • Destroy the Briar Heart tree.




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