Legacy of the Three is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Legacy of the Three Bestowal

" Legacy of the Three I've discovered evidence of something amiss at the Windridge Caves in Alcaire. The fates of a knight and his comrades seem inexorably tied to the existence of The Three, a trio of bandit chieftains who once dwelled in these caves. I encountered the spirit of Sir Edain, once a Knight of the Flame. He begged me to lay to rest several angry ghosts of the brigands of Windridge Cave. I can bind them in his enchanted blade and then cast it into a fissure deep inside the caves. "



  • Find the Windridge Caves
  • Talk to the Spirit of Sir Edain
  • Take Sir Edain's Sword
  • Entrap Brigand Souls
  • Entrap Arie's Soul
  • Entrap Gilbert's Soul
  • Entrap Emory's Soul
  • Cast Sir Edain's Sword into the Fissure

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