A Final Request is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Final Request Bestowal

  • This quest is obtained in Stormhaven by picking up/talking to/etc ??

" From the corpse of one of the undead soldiers, you have recovered a moldering, mud-splattered journal. The final entry reads, "Damn that traitorous Abelus! The sergeant ordered the two of us to guard loot we recovered from Jakub's men, but Abelus stabbed me in the back and fled with the gold. If anyone finds this journal, I beg you to give it to my daughter, Adele Martins, at Meridian."



  • Kill Abelus Crane in the Scarred Mire
  • Deliver the Muddy Journal to Sara Martins in Meridian
  • I should speak with Captain Ernele.

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