One Last Game is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

One Last Game Bestowal

" One Last Game In the Wayrest graveyard, I found the last Will and Testament of a scholar named Frodibert Fontbonne. Frodibert challenged his son Donel to solve a riddle to claim his inheritance. Donel gave up, but maybe I can solve the riddle. Frodiberts Will posed the riddle: After day turns to night, you must follow the light. Hmm. What stays lit up at night in the streets of Wayrest? "



  • Solve the Riddle
  • Follow the Street lamp Trail - South --> East --> East --> North --> North (go right then north) --> East --> North --> East (Right and around the corner)
  • Search Under the Street Lamp
  • Search the Attic Room (Cloudy Dregs Inn)
  • Open Frodibert Fontbonne's Chest
  • Find Donel Fontbonne and Give Him the Inheritance (Second option is to keep the Inheritance)
  • Ask the Wayrest Recruiter About Donel Fontbonne

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