Divert and Deliver is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Divert and Deliver Bestowal

" Slavers are using Steelheart Moorings as their base of operations and they're holding some sailors who they recently captured. The first mate has asked me to help free the sailors from the slavers' clutches. "



  • Collect Burning Log
  • Burn the North East Tent
  • Burn the Slaver Tents
  • Burn the Northern Tent
  • Burn the Southwest Tent
  • Burn the Southern Tent
  • Burn Stolen Goods on the Docks
  • Steal Ma'jhad Kha's Key
  • Free Elvira's Crewmates
  • Return to Elvira
  • Talk to Gro-Ghash
  • Kill Ma'jhad Kha
  • Rescue Elvira

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