Unique Set Pieces(Ebonheart Pact)

Sets Name Dropped by

Shadow of the Red Mountain

Netch-Hunter's Bow of the Red Mountain  Ozzacha, The Brahma's Grove, Stonefalls
Dreugh-Hide Leggings of the Red Mountain  Blueclaw Matron, The Matron's Clutch, Stonefalls
Madcaller's Blade of the Red Mountain Aurig Mireh,  Shivering Shrine, Stonefalls
Maw of Maebomaz of the Red Mountain Maemomaz,  Emberflint Mine, Stonefalls

Silks of the Sun

Ancestor's Kilt of the Sun  Ulath Ancestor, Cave of Memories, Stonefalls
Oodegu's Flamestick of the Sun Oodegu, Hightide Hollow, Stonefalls
Shadowsilk Headwrap of the Sun Gozzak, Mephala's Nest, Stonefalls
Lionbanner Buckler of the Sun Dugrul, Softloam Cavern, Stonefalls

Shalk Exoskeleton

Crabclaw Axe of the Shalk Shellcracker, Shipwreck Strand, Stonefalls
Strifeswarm Legplates of the Shalk Strifeswarm Champion, Strifeswarm Hive, Stonefalls
Guardian's Plate-Helm of the Shalk  Zozuzetharus, Inner Sea Armature, Stonefalls
Shalk's' Madcaller's Touch Dezanu and Calls-to-Nature, Sheogorath's Tongue, Stonefalls

Mother's Sorrow

Bittergreen's Scale of Mother's Sorrow Bittergreen the Wild, Caravan Crest, Deshaan
Mabrigash Spectral Blade of Mother's Sorrow Mabrigash Shade, Mabrigash Burial Circle, Deshaan
Kagouti Slayer Medallion of Mother's Sorrow Short-Tusk, Short-Tusk's Hillock, Deshaan
Drulshasa's Dark Band of Mother's Sorrow Drulshasa, Knife Ear Grotto, Deshaan

Night Mother's Embrace

Sharpfang's Jagged Blade of the Night Mother Sharpfang, Dire Bramblepatch, Deshaan
Abomination's Bulwark of the Night Mother The Abomination, Grove of the Abomination, Deshaan
Dungeon-Delving Mittens of the Night Mother Egg-Eater,  Taleon's Crag, Deshaan
Bonetooth's Charm of the Night Mother  Bonetooth, The Triple Circle Mine, Deshaan

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor's Dremora's Dread Druitularg, Druitularg's Ritual Altar, Deshaan
Plague Doctor Celdien's Pauldrons General Celdien, The Corpse Garden, Deshaan
Plague Doctor Llarel's Sheltering Shield Lady Llarel,  Lady Llarel's Shelter, Deshaan
Plague Doctor's Talisman of Bthanual Bthanual Centurion, Lower Bthanual, Deshaan


Swamp Raider

Swamp Raider's Crocodile Skin  Urrai, Bitterroot Cave, Shadowfen
Swamp Raider's Boneaxe Captain Bones, Captain Bones' Ship, Shadowfen
Swamp Raider's Fang of Haynekhtnamet Haynekhtnamet, Haynekhtnamet's Lair, Shadowfen
Swamp Raider's Bile-Soaked Boots Stormscale, Atanaz Ruins, Shadowfen

Hatchling's Shell

Dessicated Belt of the Hatchling's Shell Talkynd, Nen Ria, Shadowfen
Discarded Bonds of the Hatchling's Shell Rendrasa, Slaver Camp, Shadowfen
Slimy Acidic Staff of the Hatchling's Shell Argablog and Vlaga, Xal Thak, Shadowfen
Essentia of the Hatchling's Shell Peers-Through-Glass, Shrine of the Black Maw, Shadowfen

Robes of the Hist

Naeraizozan's Band of Hist Sap Naeraizozan, Broken Tusk, Shadowfen
Shield of the Third House of Hist Sap Rebecca Lirlane, Chid-Moska Ruins, Shadowfen
Deepswamp Staff of Hist Sap Fenlord, Gandranen Ruins, Shadowfen
The Pincher of Hist Sap Kwama Overseer, Onkobra Kwama Mine, Shadowfen

Fiord's Legacy

Fiord's Ammabani's Pride Ammabani, Ammabani's Pride, Eastmarch
Fiord's Ratmaster's Bloodbow Olveidi the Ratmaster, Ratmaster's Prowl, Eastmarch
Fiord's Agnenor's Brutal Blade Agnenor the Blade, The Bastard's Tomb, Eastmarch
Fiord's Frigid Troll Bones Frostbite Mangler, The Frigid Grotto, Eastmarch

Akaviri Dragonguard

Bonelord's Annihilator of the Dragon Viviene Armeme, Dragon Mound, Eastmarch
Mammoth Band of the Dragon Mannskadi and Ulgorus, Dragon's Hallow, Eastmarch
Stormfist's Holy Hammer of the Dragon Braxek, Eorim the Hammer and Gadof, Old Sord's Cave, Eastmarch
Deathknight Aegis of the Dragon Deathknight Stormcrag, Stormcrag Crypt, Eastmarch

Stendarr's Embrace

Rageclaw's Collar of Stendarr Rageclaw, Rageclaw's Den, Eastmarch
Snow Bear's Fang of Stendarr Beralagr, Swiftblade's Camp, Eastmarch
Chill Hollow Pendant of Stendarr Nomeg Chal, The Chill Hollow, Eastmarch
Icehammer's Frigid Maul of Stendarr Thane Icehammer, Icehammer's Vault, Eastmarch

Ysgramor's Birthright

Ysgramor's Ghormagham's Shawl Ghoragham, Abandoned Camp, The Rift
Ysgramor's Frost Gem Necklace Aereus, Wisplight Glen, The Rift
Ysgramor's Jakolar's Staff  Jakalor, Shroud Hearth Barrow, The Rift
Ysgramor's Frostmaiden's Tear Frostmaiden Apa, Snapleg Cave, The Rift

Draugr's Heritage

Traveler's Prop of Draugr Heritage Nomeg Rine, Frozen Ruins, The Rift
Longstride's Drinking Cup of Draugr Heritage Longstride and Thickpelt, Giant Camp, The Rift
Centurion Breaker of Draugr Heritage Thzallek Eft, Avanchnzel, The Rift
Battered War Trophy of Draugr Heritage Uggurek the Vile, Fort Greenwall, The Rift

Witchman Armor

Witchman Poacher's Friend Atharra, Indur-sa and Zalinra, Hunter Camp, The Rift
Iceclaw of the Witchman Frostdrool and Sleetclaw, Troll Cave, The Rift
Unlucky Yngrel's Axe of the Witchman Skullcrusher, Broken Helm Hollow, The Rift
Rozelun's Leathery Hide of the Witchman Rozelun, Faldar's Tooth, The Rift


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