The Halls of Regulation (quest)
1 Skyshard, In a junction with three exits in the Halls of Regulation.
Point of Interest.pngAchievements / Books
halls-of-regulation-explorerHalls of Regulation Explorer: 5 points - Explore and clear The Halls of Regulation

The Halls of Regulation is a delve located  East from Clockwork Crosswords Wayshrine in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeons grants a quest and contains a Skyshard, Provisioning materials and several Books, as well as chests and lorebooks. Players need access to the Clockwork City to enter the dungeon.


The Halls of Regulation Map





Group Boss.pngBosses


The Steadfast Regulator
  • Location: In the large room at the eastern side of the dungeon.
  • Strategy: Easy boss, no strategies required. Respawns on a timer and when people enter the dungeon.
  • Possible Loot: Mad Tinkerer, Unfathomable Darkness, Livewire.


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