Stonetooth Bash is a special Holiday Events Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Stonetooth Bash

  • To unlock this quest. You will need to find Breda outside Windhelm and to complete the quest " The New Life Festival" (Dec-Jan)
  • This quest is part of the nine different daily quests available during the New Life Festival Holiday Event. (Orc)
  • Achievement:

stonetooth_belcherachievement-eso-new-life-festivalStonetooth Belcher

After hunting to supply the Stonetooth Bash, complement your feast by drinking some Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale

"Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch, spoke of the New Life Festival in Betnikh.

To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I should speak with Matron Borbuga at Stonetooth Fortress.

To celebrate the Stonetooth Bash, I must collect food for Matron Borbuga. I should seek out creatures such as wolves and rabbits for Stonetooth Mystery Meat and wasps for Betnikh Honecomb"




  • Talk to Matron Borbuga (she's inside the crafting area in Betnikh)
  • Collect Stonetooth Mystery Meat (0/8) (Kill wolves and rabbits in the area south of the island)
  • Collect Betnikh Honeycomb (Kill wasps in the area south of the island)
  • Deliver the food to Matron Borbuga
  • Drink some Betnikh Spiked Ale
  • Eat Slice of Honeyed Wolf Pie
  • Nibble Bitter Goat Cheese
  • Show your appreciation (use soiled napkin)
  • Optional: If I encounter other New Life celebrants at the Stonetooth Bash, I should show my appreciation by belching at them. (walk to another player on the quest and a prompt appears "use soiled napkin)
  • Return to Breda


Next Quest

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