Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes

Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes
Collection Criminal Correspondence

Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Criminal Correspondence


Where to find Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes

      • Fort Sphinxmoth



Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes Content

This new group has proven to be extremely loyal. I cannot say how pleased this makes me. Finding loyal recruits who won't turn on you or run away at the first sign of danger is hard to do these days. We've found the perfect location for a base of operations: the ruins of Fort Sphinxmoth. One of my men grew up in the region and told us that he and a friend used to explore some caves in the area. After four days of searching we uncovered a large network of underground chambers. This shall make a fine new home. I've decided to change the name of our little band of outlaws. Muckwater Bandits no longer suits us seeing as we don't operate out of the Muckwater anymore. And I never really liked Muckwater anyway ... sounds more like a tribe of Goblins than a gang of outlaws. From now on we shall call ourselves the Sphinxmoth Bandits. That has a much better ring to it! I've set the men to work refurbishing the old traps to protect our underground dwelling. We've found this place has many old traps, both mundane and magical. Octavia, who knows the most about magic, has been poking at some of the more unusual ones and trying to figure out how to make them function again. I've discovered an ancient vault deep within the ruins. Unfortunately, someone appears to have cleaned it out long ago, but it will make the perfect location for me to store my personal treasures. The deal I've made with the Stonefire Cult to rob the Temple of Mara will give us increadible [sic] wealth. I don't know what they want with the Chalice of Mara and I don't really care. All I know is that it will make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.


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