Kvatch Arena Reopens!

Kvatch Arena Reopens!
Collection Gold Coast Tomes

Kvatch Arena Reopens! is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Gold Coast Tomes


Where to find Kvatch Arena Reopens!

      • Posted outside Kvatch Arena



Kvatch Arena Reopens! Content

Citizens of Kvatch! With the approval of Count Carolus, we are immediately re-opening the Kvatch Arena! All citizens of Kvatch and beyond are invited to witness our many exciting new events, including contests of martial prowess, clashes between fierce beasts, grand melees, and more! In cooperation with the Order of the Hour, we are also adding a new event: the Circle of Penance! Below is a list of the exciting events our legendary arena will now be hosting on a regular basis. Clashes of Might Come one, come all, as the most dangerous gladiators in the land fight one-on-one, two-on-two, or four-on-four. The only things bigger than the weapons wielded in our bloody battles are the purses handed to the winners! In addition to brave Colovians, you'll see foreign fighters including fierce Nords, savage Redguards, brutal Orcs, crafty Wood Elves, and even a silent Sea Elf assassin. You won't want to miss a moment of these thrilling contests. Come cheer on your Colovian heroes, or place your bets on foreign fighters and give them a reason to face our best. We promise a good show! Clashes of Beasts Witness brutal beasts from across Tamriel, gathered by brave handlers, as they fight to prove whose teeth and claws are mightiest! Thrill to the savage ferocity of the Bangkorai lion! Gasp at the stealthy attacks of the Alik'r duneripper! If we manage to raise enough gold from ticket sales, we've even had an enterprising merchant promise to bring us a mythical Mantikora from the savage land of Craglorn! The Grand Melee Ten warriors enter, and one warrior leaves! Any combatant may enter the grand melee, using any weapon and any fighting style! You never know what to expect, save that every fight will be brutal and its outcome will be impossible to predict. With our new tiered betting system, you can even win gold if your fighter loses, so long as they are among the last to succumb. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event! The Circle of Penance Hosted by the brave knights of Kvatch's own Order of the Hour, heretics and heathens who have sinned against the Divines are given one last chance to repent! Many heretics will face the brave and implacable gladiators of the Order of the Hour and, should their faith prove true and the Divines smile upon them, they may even survive. Even those who do not may find salvation before they achieve death. Come cheer on our brave gladiators of the Order of the Hour as they crush and smite all heretics—those who dabble in dark rituals with Daedric Princes, practice necromancy, and otherwise offend Akatosh.


Gold Coast Tomes
A Call to the Worthy  ♦  A Gold Coast Children's Bestiary  ♦  A Nixad Made Me Do It  ♦  Anvil Lighthouse Report  ♦  Anvil Taxes  ♦  Arena Fight Card  ♦  Arena Note  ♦  Baandari Peddler Note  ♦  Bitter Travels Among the Nixad  ♦  Cathedral Hierarchy  ♦  Chewed Note  ♦  Confessions of a Vampire Devotee  ♦  Contractor's Note  ♦  Count's Correspondence  ♦  Dibella's Mysteries and Revelations  ♦  Dragonstar Caravan Company Note  ♦  Epitaph for Ianus Faleria  ♦  Epitaph for Lucina Faleria  ♦  Epitaph for Maxivian Faleria  ♦  Epitaph for Neransi Faleria  ♦  Exposing a Terrible Evil  ♦  Eyewitness to the Wall  ♦  Fantos Epilion's Journal  ♦  Field Guide to River Trolls  ♦  Free Market of the People  ♦  Garlas Agea Construction Log  ♦  Glories of the Pirate Queen  ♦  Gold Coast Goblin Tribes  ♦  Gold Coast Guide, Part One  ♦  Gold Coast Guide, Part Two  ♦  Gold Coast Notables  ♦  Gold Coast Trading Company Note  ♦  Great Cathedral Closed!  ♦  Guide to Taming Dire Wolves  ♦  Imperial University Note  ♦  Intriguing Ayleid Ruin  ♦  Investigator Vale: Shadow Fellows  ♦  Join the Order!  ♦  Kindly Contrivers Notes  ♦  Knightsgrave: Legend or Legacy  ♦  Kwama Miner's Note  ♦  Letter from Kireth  ♦  Letter from the Governor  ♦  Letter to Sybilline Elve  ♦  Letter to the Grand Chanter  ♦  Letter to the Withered Rose  ♦  Litany of Blood  ♦  Litany of Blood Fulfilled  ♦  Lord Jarol's Deep Thoughts  ♦  Naryu's Fortune  ♦  Naughty Nereid Players  ♦  Needful Things  ♦  On Minotaurs  ♦  Order of The Hour  ♦  Pirate Queen of the Gold Coast  ♦  Regarding Your Contract  ♦  Reman's Fortune  ♦  Resolutes of Stendarr Note  ♦  Rise of the Red Sails  ♦  Sanguine's Revelers Note  ♦  Secret Note  ♦  Shadowbanish Vintners Note  ♦  Silver Dawn Contract  ♦  Soggy Note  ♦  Solus Vertilus's Journal  ♦  Song of the Prowler  ♦  Special Instructions  ♦  Suspicious Message  ♦  Sweetroll Recipients  ♦  The Black Dragon  ♦  The Black Dragon's Journal  ♦  The Black Dragon's Journal, Part 2  ♦  The Black Hand  ♦  The Blade of Woe  ♦  The Butcher of Bravil  ♦  The Deal  ♦  The Glint in the Night  ♦  The Grand Sermonizer's Journal  ♦  The Lie We Tell Ourselves  ♦  The Lost Fort Faleria  ♦  The Minotaur Song  ♦  The Mysterious Mermaid of Anvil  ♦  The Primate: Before the Light  ♦  The Primate: Finding Faith  ♦  The Primate: Rise to Glory


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