Name & Image Points Title Reward Dye Reward

achievement_dueling_001.pngBlooded Duelist

Win your first duel against another player.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_092.pngDaedra Slayer

Kill Daedric creatures from Oblivion.
15 n/a
Boethiah Gray

quest_dungeons_razaks_opus.pngDwarven Construct Slayer

Kill Dwarven mechanical constructs.
15 n/a
Automaton Bronze

perks_fighters_guild_003.pngEpic Acquirer

Acquire an Epic quality item.
5 n/a
Pillager Purple

achievement_030.pngEpic Attire

Wear a full set of Epic, and only Epic, gear.
15 n/a
Epic Violet

quest_head_monster_011.pngHumanoid Slayer

Kill humanoids, Goblin-kin, and giant-kin.
15 n/a
Bandit Brown

achievement_001.pngLevel 10 Hero

Reach Level 10.
10 n/a
Novice Tan

achievement_002.pngLevel 20 Hero

Reach Level 20.
10 n/a
Apprentice Blue

achievement_003.pngLevel 30 Hero

Reach Level 30.
10 n/a
Adept Purple

achievement_004.pngLevel 40 Hero

Reach Level 40.
10 n/a
Expert Gray

achievement_005.pngLevel 50 Hero

Reach Level 50.
10 n/a
Master Gold


Become a Werewolf.
10 n/a
Wolf's Fur Brown

ability_werewolf_002.pngLycanthropy Master

Reach the max level of the Werewolf Skill Line.
50 n/a
Lycanthrope Gray

achievement_dueling_003.pngMaster Duelist

Win 100 duels against other players.
15 Duelist n/a

achievement_022.pngMaster Monster Slayer

Complete all of the Slayer Achievements.
50 Monster Hunter
Stendarr White

quest_head_monster_015.pngNature Slayer

Kill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond.
15 n/a
Hunter Green

achievement_dueling_002.pngSeasoned Duelist

Win 25 duels against other players.
10 n/a n/a

achievement_031.pngSuperior Attire

Wear a full set of Superior, and only Superior, gear.
15 n/a
Superior Blue

achievement_016.pngSuperior Ransacker

Acquire a Superior quality item.
5 n/a
Ransacker Blue

achievement_012.pngTreasure Chest Hunter

Loot any 1000 Treasure Chests.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_012.pngTreasure Chest Seeker

Loot any 50 Treasure Chests.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_012.pngTreasure Chest Spotter

Loot any 10 Treasure Chests.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_012.pngTreasure Chest Stalker

Loot any 100 Treasure Chests.
5 n/a n/a

achievement_024.pngUndead Slayer

Kill skeletons, zombies, ghosts, spirits, and vampires.
15 n/a
Mort Flesh White


Become a Vampire.
10 n/a
Noxophilic Black

ability_vampire_001.pngVampirism Master

Reach the max level of the Vampire Skill Line.
50 n/a
Lamae's White

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