Alliance Points are a PvP currency in Elder Scrolls Online. Players over level 10 can enter Cyrodiil and participate in several activities that earn both Level XP, Skill XP, and the Alliance Point currency.

How to Earn Alliance Points?

Alliance Points eso-alliance-points-pvpcan be earned by killing players, healing players, capturing keeps and resources, defending keeps and resources, and from alliance mission boards.

As of Update 18 (Summerset Chapter), eso-alliance-points-pvpAP distribution for objectives in Cyrodiil has changed. Each type of objective will track whether you've earned credit towards a defense or offense tick. Getting on the credit list is achieved by several actions that already occur in a keep siege, which include:

  • Assisting in killing other player characters within a Keep's area that results in earning eso-alliance-points-pvpAP from that kill.
  • Healing and damaging Keep pieces within the area of a Keep.
  • Resurrecting a player character within a Keep's area in which the player who was resurrected is located, rather than where the player doing the resurrection is standing.
  • Effective healing (non-self) within a Keep's area of a player(s) in a battle that would have resulted in eso-alliance-points-pvpAP being granted from a kill. This includes cases where a player is worth 0 or reduced eso-alliance-points-pvpAP from a recent death, such as respawning at a Forward Camp.

If a credit is sourced between players that are both in areas associated with an objective, the AP awarded to the pool is split 50/50 between the two objectives. Offensive (Capture) ticks still have a base value that will be granted regardless of being on the credit list, but any bonus AP earned by combat around and inside an objective will only be granted to players that are on the credit lists.

You can be on all credit lists for a single Keep Superstructure at the same time (Keep, Mine, Lumbermill and Farm). However, if you attack or defend a new structure (i.e. – a different mine) your credit for the prior structure will be removed. Outposts, Towns and Imperial districts will all overwrite each other in terms of credit lists. Entering a Delve in Cyrodiil wipes your credit from all lists. If your character dies, you will not be cleared from a credit list, but logging out of the game will.

Battlegrounds also grant Alliance Points to players.

Base AP values for Capturing locations in Cyrodiil as of October 2017

  • Capture a Keep 6,000 Alliance Points
  • Capture an Outpost 3,000 Alliance Points
  • Capture a Resource 1,500 Alliance Points
  • Capture a Town (Bruma, etc) 1,500 Alliance Points
  • Capture a district in the Imperial City 1,500 Alliance Points

As of Update 18 (Summerset Chapter), Increased the amount of Alliance Points you can earn from a Keep Defense with a multiplier based on the lowest ranking resource level of that Keep. For example, Keeps that have higher ranks in food, ore and wood, will have a higher defense tick for that Keep. For Resources and Outposts, there is a flat rate increase to the AP you can earn on the defense tick. Districts do not have a modifier to defensive AP. Remember, to earn Defensive AP, you must participate in the defense and not simply show up to watch the fight.


How to Spend Alliance Points?

Alliance points are useful for purchasing several items from different Vendors in Cyrodiil

  • Town Vendors have bags that unlock PvP Sets
  • The "Siege Master" in each alliance base, keep, town and resource sells consumables such as siege weapons and other items
  • Each week, a special NPC sells unique gear for a limited time on weekends. Visit Adhazabi Aba-daro The Golden for details of weekly inventory.


You may also use Alliance points to change your home and guest campaigns. Home campaigns provide you with bonuses based on how your alliance is doing in that campaign. Guest campaigns allow you to play in other campaigns—for instance, to join friends who play in a different campaign. You can switch your home and guest campaigns once every 12 hours independently of each other, but note that switching your home campaign costs 15,000 Alliance points.


What are Alliance Ranks and how to get them?

Alliance Rank is the player's career in PvP. Players obtain titles, skillpoints and unlock Alliance War Skills as they progress in their alliance rank.

  • There are 50 total ranks, with 25 grade one and grade two titles. All Ranks except the first one grant Achievements
  • Each time you earn a PvP rank, you get a skill point. Every other rank, you earn a title.
  • There are several unlockable Furnishings and Dyes.

List of Alliance Ranks in ESO

# Title Cost Skills Achievement & Unlocks



N/A Alliance War Skills Rank 1
Unlocked on entering Cyrodiil





Grade 1

700 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 2

achievement_031.pngAlliance War Volunteer


Volunteer's Iron

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Pennant, Small
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Pennant, Small
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Pennant, Small

Grade 2

1,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

8,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 3

achievement_031.pngAlliance War Recruit

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Wall Banner, Small
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Wall Banner, Small
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Wall Banner, Small

Grade 2

22,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 4





Grade 1

48,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War Tyro

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Wall Banner, Medium
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Wall Banner, Medium
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Wall Banner, Medium

Grade 2

88,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 5





Grade 1

145,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 6

achievement_031.pngAlliance War Legionary


Legionary's Lead

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Camp Banner
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Camp Banner
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Camp Banner

Grade 2

224,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 7





Grade 1

356,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War Veteran

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Wall Banner, Large
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Wall Banner, Large
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Wall Banner, Large

Grade 2

456,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 8





Grade 1

616,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 9

achievement_031.pngAlliance War Corporal


Corporal's Green

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Point Capture Flag
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Point Capture Flag
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Point Capture Flag

Grade 2

809,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

1,040,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP

Alliance War Skills Rank 10

achievement_031.pngAlliance War Sergeant


Sergeant's Charcoal

aldmeri-dominion-reward Spare Dominion Ballista Figurehead
daggerfall-covenant-reward Spare Covenant Ballista Figurehead
ebonheart-pact-reward Spare Pact Ballista Figurehead

Grade 2

1,310,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP





First Sergeantfirst_sergeant-eso-alliance-rank

Grade 1

1,624,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War First Sergeant

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Flaming Oil
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Flaming Oil
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Flaming Oil

Grade 2

1,984,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

2,393,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War Lieutenant

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Ballista
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Ballista
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Ballista

Grade 2

2,856,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

3,374,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War Captain


Captain's Violet

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Scattershot Catapult
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Scattershot Catapult
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Scattershot Catapult

Grade 2

3,952,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

4,592,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_031.pngAlliance War Major

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Stone Trebuchet
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Stone Trebuchet
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Stone Trebuchet

Grade 2

5,297,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

6,072,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Centurion


Centurion Metal

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Battering Ram
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Battering Ram
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Battering Ram

Grade 2

6,918,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

7,840,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Colonel

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Fire Ballista
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Fire Ballista
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Fire Ballista

Grade 2

8,840,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

9,921,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Tribune


Tribune's Steel

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Oil Catapult
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Oil Catapult
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Oil Catapult

Grade 2

11,088,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

12,342,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Brigadier

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Firepot Trebuchet
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Firepot Trebuchet
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Firepot Trebuchet

Grade 2

13,688,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

15,128,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Prefect


Prefect's Gray

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Forward Camp
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Forward Camp
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Forward Camp

Grade 2

16,665,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

18,304,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Praetorian

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Lightning Ballista
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Lightning Ballista
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Lightning Ballista

Grade 2

20,044,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

21,896,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Palatine


Palatine's White

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Meatbag Catapult
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Meatbag Catapult
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Meatbag Catapult

Grade 2

23,850,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP





August Palatineaugust_palatine-eso-alliance-rank

Grade 1

25,929,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War August Palatine

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Iceball Trebuchet
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Iceball Trebuchet
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Iceball Trebuchet

Grade 2

28,120,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

30,430,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Legate


Legate's Black

aldmeri-dominion-reward Defaced Covenant Flag & Defaced Pact Flag
daggerfall-covenant-reward Defaced Dominion Flag & Defaced Pact Flag
ebonheart-pact-reward Defaced Covenant Flag & Defaced Dominion Flag

Grade 2

32,864,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

34,424,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War General


General's Gold

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Cold Fire Ballista
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Cold Fire Ballista
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Cold Fire Ballista

Grade 2

38,113,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

40,936,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Warlord


Warlord's Red

aldmeri-dominion-reward Surplus Dominion Cold Fire Trebuchet
daggerfall-covenant-reward Surplus Covenant Cold Fire Trebuchet
ebonheart-pact-reward Surplus Pact Cold Fire Trebuchet

Grade 2

43,894,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP





Grand Warlordgrand_warlord-eso-alliance-rank

Grade 1

46,992,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Grand Warlord


Grand Warlord's Violet

aldmeri-dominion-reward Dominion Keep Pennant
daggerfall-covenant-reward Covenant Keep Pennant
ebonheart-pact-reward Pact Keep Pennant

Grade 2

50,232,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP






Grade 1

53,617,600 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Overlord


Overlord's Purple

aldmeri-dominion-reward Disconnected Transitus Shrine
daggerfall-covenant-reward Disconnected Transitus Shrine
ebonheart-pact-reward Disconnected Transitus Shrine

Grade 2

57,150,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP





Grand Overlordgrand_overlord-eso-alliance-rank

Grade 1

60,838,400 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP


achievement_030.pngAlliance War Grand Overlord


Grand Overlord's Brass

aldmeri-dominion-reward Decoy Elder Scroll
daggerfall-covenant-reward Decoy Elder Scroll
ebonheart-pact-reward Decoy Elder Scroll

Grade 2

64,680,000 eso-alliance-points-pvpAP




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