White-Gold Tower is a 4-man dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the Imperial City.

Walkthrough & Strategies

The Adjudicator

Boss Mechanics:
  • Frontal energy counter attack
  • Zombie spawns
  • Every 20% of HP will send one random person into one of the four cages, lock-picking is required to get free.

  • Avoid frontal energy attack at all cost
  • Wipe out the zombie as fast as you can
  • If tank or healer get sent into cage, one of the damage dealer will need to free him as fast as possible.

Players will have to fight the following three bosses at the same time. Tank needs to hold aggro on all three bosses.

Micella Carlinus

Boss Mechanics:
  • Dragonknight skills
  • Standard of Might
  • Extended Chains - target random player
  • Engulfing Flames

  • Players should beware of the combination of Extended Chains and Standard of Might.

Otho Numida

Boss Mechanics:
  • Caster skills
  • Teleport - target player with the most aggro
  • Standard of Might
  • Heal

  • Interrupt his healing.
  • Should be the first boss to be focused on.

Cordius Pontifio

Boss Mechanics:
  • Nightblade skills
  • Standard of Might
  • Ambush - target random player
  • Steel Tornado

  • Party member who is targeted by Ambush should immediately beware of Steel Tornado and apply either block or roll in counter.

The Planar Inhibitor

Boss Mechanics:
  • Does not follow usual aggro system.Will aggro on the player who disrupts the Inhibitor Pinion.
  • On the second rotation, the boss will gain fire aura which deals damage to nearby players if the Pinion is up.
  • On the fifth rotation, the boss will gain icy fire aura which also slows down nearby players if the Pinion is up.
  • After every eight rotation, the boss will lose his aura, fall to the ground and give two random players a debuff that changes their screen looks and gives them the ability to destroy randomly appearing portals. Portals will summon Ads if not being destroyed

  • Tank should be switch to damage dealer setup for the fight.
  • Melee class needs to take turn on disrupting the Pinion
  • The Pinion should be interrupt as soon as possible.
  • Portals need to be destroyed immediately.

Molag Kena

Boss Mechanics:
  • Lightening based attacks and skills
  • Spawns lightening lane that deals heavy damage and lightening balls that stun, and damage players when touched
  • Lightening Atronach will be randomly summoned which will shoot lightening beam to a random player while moving toward him, if the Atronach is not dead before reaching its target it will explode and deal huge damage to every member.
  • When the boss falls to 60% and 30% HP, he will become immune, summon Lightening Aspects and shoot waves form the center,
  • At 30% HP the boss will summon two lightening lanes and Lightening Atronachs.

  • Tanks are advice to invest on elemental defender.
  • All Ads should be killed as soon as possible.
  • Strongly recommend to rush the boss after 30% HP.

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