What Waits Beneath is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What Waits Beneath Bestowal

" I caught up with Darj near Skyshroud Barrow. Skeletons attacked and wounded him before he could find a way to get its door open. "



  • Summon Dragon Priest
  • Talk to Dragon Priest Haldriin
  • Collect the Whale Runestone
  • Collect the Snake Runestone
  • Collect the Eagle Runestone
  • Place the Whale Runestone
  • Place the Snake Runestone
  • Place the Eagle Runestone
  • Enter Skyshroud Barrow
  • Sanctify the Priest's Body
  • Search for Evidence
  • Leave Skyshroud Barrow
  • Summon the Dragon Priest

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