Hozzin's Folly is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Hozzin's Folly Bestowal

"I met up with Seyne near Hozzin's Folly. Bandits have landed on the island. They're exploring an abandoned mine that was once home to Daedra worshippers."



  • Equip the Frostedge Disguise
  • Inspect the Contract Scroll(Hidden)
  • Investigate Hozzin's Folly
  • Inspect the Dark Ministrations(Hidden)
  • Inspect the Cracked Rune Ward(Hidden)
  • Get Inside the Mine
  • Find a Way into the Tomb
  • Bypass the Fire Traps
  • Use the Portal to Enter Oblivion
  • Destroy the Unspeakable Sigil
  • Leave the Tomb
  • Leave the Mine
  • Get a Disguise from a Corpse

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