The Frozen Man


Orkey's Hollow


Bonesplinter of the Trainee
High Leveled Gold

The Frozen Man is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

Rolunda came to Orkey's Hollow looking for her brother, Eiman. The cave is said to be haunted, and young Nords on the island sometimes enter it to prove their bravery. Eiman went in, but he hasn't come out.



  • Rolunda



  • Enter Orkey's Hollow.
  • Find Eiman.
  • Find clues to the Frozen Man's identity.
  • Talk to the Frozen Man.
  • Enter the Frozen Man's Lair.
  • Find the Real Frozen Man.
  • Talk to the Frozen Man.
  • Free Eiman.
  • Talk to Rolunda.






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