Unmaker's Hoard

Location Fargrave City, the Deadlands
Reward Deadlands Reward Coffer

Unmaker's Hoard is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Deadlands DLC.


Unmaker's Hoard Quest Information

The Unmaker presents a challenge to even the strongest Daedra, so many try to test their might against it and fail. Vaveli Indavel hired me to kill the Unmaker, as well as the Havocrel around it, and bring back armor for the Saraathu Tong.


Unmaker's Hoard Quest Objective

  •  Kill the Unmaker and its Havocrel companions then retrieve armor for Vaveli Indavel.


Unmaker's Hoard Quest Giver


Unmaker's Hoard Quest Walkthrough

  1. To be added


Notes & Trivia

  • This is a repeatable Daily Quest. Daily Quests can be undertaken once per day and often reward the player with special reward coffers containing various loot that can be found within the zone.
  • Requires the Deadlands DLC.



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