Dangerous Business

Location Fargrave City, the Deadlands
Reward Deadlands Reward Coffer

Dangerous Business is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Deadlands DLC.


Dangerous Business Quest Information

An Infernium called the Unmaker and multiple Havocrels wiped out a Daedric merchant caravan. Vaveli Indavel asked me to kill the monsters and bring back some of the lost supplies.


Dangerous Business Quest Objective

  • Defeat the Infernium and Havocrels and retrieve supplies for Vaveli Indavel.


Dangerous Business Quest Giver


Dangerous Business Quest Walkthrough

  1. To be added


Notes & Trivia

  • This is a repeatable Daily Quest. Daily Quests can be undertaken once per day and often reward the player with special reward coffers containing various loot that can be found within the zone.
  • Requires the Deadlands DLC.



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