Careless Contamination

Location Fargrave City, the Deadlands
Reward Deadlands Reward Coffer

Careless Contamination is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) added with the Deadlands DLC.


Careless Contamination Quest Information

Taupezu Azzida, a Mantikora in the Sever, poisons its prey. The Saraathu Tong wants to study the Mantikora's victims to make an antidote out of the venom. They want the Mantikora killed so no one can use the venom to harm mortals.


Careless Contamination Quest Objective

  •  Kill Taupezu Azzida in the Sever.


Careless Contamination Quest Giver


Careless Contamination Quest Walkthrough

  1. To be added


Notes & Trivia

  • This is a repeatable Daily Quest. Daily Quests can be undertaken once per day and often reward the player with special reward coffers containing various loot that can be found within the zone.
  • Requires the Deadlands DLC.



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