Occult Overload

Constellation Warfare
Stages 2
Points per stage 25
Max Bonus 4000
Slot Required

Occult Overload is a star within the Constellation Warfare in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Each constellation has 4 slots for certain passive skills, and you can swap passives any time out of combat.



Occult Overload Information

This was added with Flames of Ambition DLC in March 2021. 




Whenever you kill an enemy under the effect of a status effect, they violently explode for 2000 Oblivion Damage per stage to all other enemies in a 4 meter radius. (Add to champion bar to activate. 2 stages, 50 pts)






Arcane Supremacy  ♦  Backstabber  ♦  Biting Aura  ♦  Bulwark  ♦  Cleansing Revival  ♦  Cutting Defense  ♦  Deadly Aim  ♦  Duelist's Rebuff  ♦  Eldritch Insight  ♦  Endless Endurance  ♦  Enduring Resolve  ♦  Fighting Finesse  ♦  Focused Mending  ♦  Foresight  ♦  Master-at-Arms  ♦  Precision  ♦  Reaving Blows  ♦  Reinforced (Warfare)  ♦  Rejuvenator  ♦  Riposte  ♦  Soothing Tide  ♦  Swift Renewal  ♦  Tireless Discipline  ♦  Unassailable  ♦  Untamed Aggression  ♦  Wrathful Strikes


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