Alchemical Analysis: Deliver a mysterious metal ore to an alchemist: obtained by Jomund Snowmead.
Do Kill the Messenger: Intercept a Stormfist courier taking a message to the Orcthane: obtained by Nedrek.
Labor Dispute: Help liberate Lost Knife Mine from the Stormfist Clan: obtained by Kerig, Eitaki Snowmead.
Mystery Metal: Recover a magical ore sample from the depths of a mine: obtained by Jomund Snowmead.
?? Skyshard, located in ??.
Point of Interest.pngAchievements / Books

Lost Knife Cave is a Mines located in West of Fort Amol in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest has Provisioning materials and several Books.

Lost Knife Cave Map

Map_eastmarch_Public_Dungeons_small.jpg lost_knife_cave_small.jpg

Group Boss.pngBosses

Name of Boss
  • Location: Location of boss
  • Strategy: ??
  • Possible Loot: ??

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