Enemies types: Draugr and Skeevers
Upon exploring the Barrow you find in the first room a dead soldier among a few fire traps and his journal, you move to the next room and find yet another journal, upon reading it you will trigger a lower lvl boss "Ophelia" after defeating her and moving into the next chamber and must make a decision as to the fate of Owen Pavelle. He lies to you and says the draugr attacked unprovoked. If you confront him the will admit his leader Valcent has "gone rouge." 

Left switch frees him, right switch sacrificcs him. 

After deciding his fate move on to the next chamber a larger 2 level room with the main boss "Sir Valcent Tailies" 

After defeating Valcent there is a scroll depicting the ritual he was attempting to perform. The exit is along the upper level perimeter, leave the Barrow and return to Jakild's Cabin, speak to Selgaard Wood-Hewer. For completing the quest you receive: Hefty bonestrewn gauntlets of the Dragon. 

Dark Deeds: Investigate the emergence of draugr from Bonestrewn Barrow: obtained by Selgaard Wood-Hewer
?? Skyshard, located in ??.
Point of Interest.png Henri's Journal - talks about the soldiers endeavours from his pov. Talks about Valcent and his interest in the barrow. Henri likes Ophelia and calls her "a ray of sunshine." Doesn't understand why they are there but is following orders. 

Ophelia's Journal - Describes Henri's death, reveals Valcents plan to turn the dead into an army. She asks Owen to make her a copy of a key needed to unlock the next changer which she hides from Valcent.


Bonestrewn Crest is a Crypt located in Central Eastmarch in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest has Provisioning materials and several Books.

Bonestrewn Crest Map

Map_eastmarch_Public_Dungeons_small.jpg bonestrewn_crest_small.jpg

Group Boss.png Sir Valcent Tailies  (main boss)

Ophelia  (low level) 



Name of Boss
  • Location
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  • Possible Loot: ??

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