Skyshards in Clockwork City in Elder Scrolls Online. This page shows all skyshards in the Clockwork City region of the Clockwork City DLC.

Clockwork City Skyshards
Total Skyshards 6
Landscape: 3
Underground: 1
Dungeon: 2
  1. Beneath the drainage pipes along the river. -  West from the Brass Fortress entrance, amidst water
  2. Soaking near a fluid pump north of the Pavilion of Artifice. - In the middle of a fluid area just north from the Crafting Station "Pavilion of Artifice"
  3. By the collapsed pipes in the Mechanical Fundament. - Enter this area by going West from from Brass Fortress entrance. Within the Mechanical Fundament, follow the corridors east until you find a dead end. (or you can just go through the outlaw refuge. The above way is blocked until you find a certain quest)
  4. On the lip of the Skybridge. -  In the Brass Fortress, accessed via the Reactor District. Enter Asylum Sanctorum, use one of the rooms off to the side of the Trial Portal to go upstairs. Exit to the Skybridge and make your way to the skyshard. The Skyshard is above near the crafting station for Fortified Brass Set.
  5. In a Junction with three exits in the Halls of Regulation. - Within The Halls of Regulation, on one of the first rooms visited.
  6.  Amidsts the Wafts in the Shadow Cleft. -  Within The Shadow Cleft, hidden away on the eastern side.


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