Medium Armor

No Bound 

Brigadine Jack


Normal: 1364

Fine: 1412

Superior: 1508

Epic: 1580

Legendary: 1628


Brigadine Jack is one of the Medium Armor in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Brigadine Jack is regular armor not part of a Set, and can be found as enemy drops, looted from containers, or crafted by the right profession. The level of the item determines its efficacy based on Battle Leveling.



Brigadine Jack Information

  • Type: Medium Armor
  • Level range: CP10-CP30
  • Materials Needed: 14 Topgrain Hide
  • Crafted by: Clothier Rank 25 (Requires Tailoring Rank VI)
  • You may be asked to craft this item as part of a Writ request.
  • See Glyphs and Traits to understand how to apply enchantments and what traits do.
  • See Sets for set details. Set items have unique naming, but share the basic defensive properties of base items.




Brigadine Jack Notes & Tips

Medium Armor is the middle option for protection in ESO. It is ideal for players who favor abilities from the Weapon Skills Lines as it enhances StaminaStamina Recovery and Weapon Critical. Players opting for a stealthy approach to the game will also use this Armor type, as it enhances this as well. A full set of Crafted Superior Medium Armor at VR12 will net you 1326 Armor (without taking into consideration Traits). That value will be slightly less if your set isn't crafted. This is roughly 150% the value of a full set of Light Armor and 67% the value of a full set of Heavy Armor (assuming you have rank III Resolve). 

For Sets click here



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