Name & Image Rank
Description Unlock

Light Armor Affinity.png


(Passive Skill)
Breton Rank 1

Gift of Magnus.png

Gift of Magnus

(Passive Skill)
Rank I
  • Increases Max Magicka by 4%
Breton Rank 5
Rank II
  • Increases Max Magicka by 7%
Breton Rank 15
Rank III
  • Increases Max Magicka by 10%
Breton Rank 30

Spell Resistance.png

Spell Resistance

(Passive Skill)
Rank I
  • Increases Spell Resistance by 1320
Breton Rank 10
Rank II
  • Increases Spell Resistance by 2640
Breton Rank 20
Rank III
  • Increases Spell Resistance by 3960
Breton Rank 40

Magicka Mastery.png

Magicka Mastery

Passive Skills)
Rank I
  • Reduces the Magicka cost of your abilities by 1%
Breton Rank 25
Rank II
  • Reduces the Magicka cost of your abilities by 2%
Breton Rank 35
Rank III
  • Reduces the Magicka cost of your abilities by 3%
Breton Rank 50

    • 03 Jan 2018 09:10  

      Where do you distribute your attribute points for a Breton dual wield sorcerer? I know what I want for skills, but I don’t know where these attribute points need to go?

      • Anonymous

        29 Oct 2017 09:33  

        He's the best for stam melee... and that's only for stam recovery.
        For damage and sustain I'd use an orc if you plan on weaving primarily heavy attacks between skills (you'll never run out of stamina I promise).

        Now what about ranged?! If you're using a bow a redguard does precisely d1ck for you. For damage (crits) go cat. For PASSIVE stamina regen there is nothing better than wood elf i think.

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