Velothi Cerecloth, Austere


Crafting Type


Furniture Type



Velothi Cerecloth, Austere is an epic (purple) quality Lootable Furnitures in The Elder Scrolls Online


Velothi Cerecloth, Austere Information

"This is a standard house item."


Where to find & Location

Lootable from Ancestral Tomb Urns in Vvardenfell (rare)



  • N/A


Skills Required

  • N/A



  • N/A


Lootable Furnitures
Banner, Jester's Standard  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Argonian Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Breton Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Breton Woman  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Colovian Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: High Elf Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Imperial Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Khajiiti Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Orc Female  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Orc Male  ♦  Branch, Curved Burnt  ♦  Branch, Curved Laurel  ♦  Branch, Forked Burnt  ♦  Branch, Forked Laurel  ♦  Branch, Sturdy Burnt  ♦  Branch, Sturdy Laurel  ♦  Common Soul Gem, Empty  ♦  Daedric Chain, Segment  ♦  Dwarven Gear, Flat  ♦  Dwarven Gear, Tiered  ♦  Factotum Arm, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Body, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Elbow, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Head, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Knee, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Torso, Obsolete  ♦  Indoril Incense, Burning  ♦  Ivory, Polished  ♦  Khajiit Ponder Sphere  ♦  Lesser Soul Gem, Empty  ♦  Painting of a Desert, Refined  ♦  Painting of a Forest, Refined  ♦  Painting of a Waterfall, Refined  ♦  Painting of Autumn, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Bridge, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Cottage, Refined  ♦  Painting of Crags, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Creek, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Great Ruins, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Jungle, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Lakes, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Mountains, Refined  ♦  Painting of Palms, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Pasture, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Spring, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Summer, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Swamp, Refined  ♦  Painting of Tree, Refined  ♦  Painting of Valley, Refined  ♦  Painting of Winter, Bolted  ♦  Quality Fabric, Folded  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Cluster  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Sparse  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Tall  ♦  Shrub, Burnt Brush  ♦  Signed Contract  ♦  Skull, Human  ♦  Soft Leather, Folded  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Volcanic  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Volcanic  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Volcanic  ♦  The Song of Pelinal  ♦  Velothi Caisson, Crypt  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Authority  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Change  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Discovery  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Honor  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Knowledge  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Majesty  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Mercy  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Mysteries  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Nerevar  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Prowess  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Reverance  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Seeker  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Wisdom  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Geyser  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Volcano  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Waterfall  ♦  Witches Bones, Offering  ♦  Witches Skull, Horned Ram

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