Factotum Torso, Obsolete


Crafting Type


Furniture Type



Factotum Torso, Obsolete is a superior (blue) quality Lootable Furnitures in The Elder Scrolls Online


Factotum Torso, Obsolete Information

"Worn all the way through in places, this husk is of no practical use, even to scavengers."


Where to find & Location

Lootable from Factotums



  • N/A


Skills Required

  • N/A



  • N/A


Lootable Furnitures
Banner, Jester's Standard  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Argonian Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Breton Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Breton Woman  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Colovian Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: High Elf Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Imperial Man  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Khajiiti Male  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Orc Female  ♦  Bounty Sheet: Orc Male  ♦  Branch, Curved Burnt  ♦  Branch, Curved Laurel  ♦  Branch, Forked Burnt  ♦  Branch, Forked Laurel  ♦  Branch, Sturdy Burnt  ♦  Branch, Sturdy Laurel  ♦  Common Soul Gem, Empty  ♦  Daedric Chain, Segment  ♦  Dwarven Gear, Flat  ♦  Dwarven Gear, Tiered  ♦  Factotum Arm, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Body, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Elbow, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Head, Obsolete  ♦  Factotum Knee, Obsolete  ♦  Indoril Incense, Burning  ♦  Ivory, Polished  ♦  Khajiit Ponder Sphere  ♦  Lesser Soul Gem, Empty  ♦  Painting of a Desert, Refined  ♦  Painting of a Forest, Refined  ♦  Painting of a Waterfall, Refined  ♦  Painting of Autumn, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Bridge, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Cottage, Refined  ♦  Painting of Crags, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Creek, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Great Ruins, Bolted  ♦  Painting of Jungle, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Lakes, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Mountains, Refined  ♦  Painting of Palms, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Pasture, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Spring, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Summer, Sturdy  ♦  Painting of Swamp, Refined  ♦  Painting of Tree, Refined  ♦  Painting of Valley, Refined  ♦  Painting of Winter, Bolted  ♦  Quality Fabric, Folded  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Cluster  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Sparse  ♦  Saplings, Burnt Tall  ♦  Shrub, Burnt Brush  ♦  Signed Contract  ♦  Skull, Human  ♦  Soft Leather, Folded  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Classic Volcanic  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Modest Volcanic  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Forest  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Valley  ♦  Telvanni Painting, Oversized Volcanic  ♦  The Song of Pelinal  ♦  Velothi Caisson, Crypt  ♦  Velothi Cerecloth, Austere  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Authority  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Change  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Discovery  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Honor  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Knowledge  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Majesty  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Mercy  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Mysteries  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Nerevar  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Prowess  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Reverance  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Seeker  ♦  Velothi Shroud, Wisdom  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Geyser  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Volcano  ♦  Velothi Triptych, Waterfall  ♦  Witches Bones, Offering  ♦  Witches Skull, Horned Ram

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