The Halls of Regulation


Halls of Regulation


Welder's Greaves
Very High Leveled Gold 

The Halls of Regulation is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC. Completing this quest opens up daily quests once Tilelle joins the Clockwork Apostles.

Quest Information

Tilelle the Mender needs help restoring The Halls of Regulation and protecting the Clockwork City's fresh water supply






  • Talk to Tilelle the Mender outside the Halls of Regulation
  • Find a Ventilation Gear
  • Find a Cleaning Crystal
  • Repair the Vapor Manifold
  • Repair the Distillation Initiator
  • Defeat The Steadfast Regulator
  • Watch Tilelle repaid the Galvanic Engine
  • Talk to Tilelle to complete the quest




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    • Anonymous

      Map does glitch. To repair the distillation Initiator, you have to go upstairs in the delve to find it. Also when you get to the Distiller Initiator, a chance can appear in the same room.

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