The Covetous Countess


Hew's Bane


Large Laundered Shipment, Counterfeit Pardon Edict
302 Gold
10 Thieves Guild Reputation

The Covetous Countess is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

A wealthy patron of the Thieves Guild takes a peculiar pleasure in owning stolen goods. Her tastes are mercurial, but her payments are like Dwarven clockwork.



  • Tip Board



  • Read the Tip Board in the Thieves Den.
  • Steal and launder the required items.
  • Deliver the clean items to the client.
  • Return to Kari in the Thieves Den.




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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone have an updated table of what item types are requested at what level? I've found that the UESP version and the main wiki version are both outdated as the table is no longer accurate as at 30 Oct 2019.

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