Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid


Crafting Type

Enchanting Praxises

Furniture Type



Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid is a legendary (yellow) quality Furniture in The Elder Scrolls Online


Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid Information

"This is a standard house item. This may be attacked and, when destroyed, will reassemble. This construct is equivalent to an exceptionally hardy veteran dungeon boss."

This target dummy has 6 million (6,015,002) health.


Where to find & Location

  • Crafted, Enchanting Station. Requires Praxis: Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid. Praxises are found randomly in containers around Tamriel and can be traded and sold by players. Some special Praxises are only available from pickpocketing or as special rewards.







Skills Required






  • N/A



Enchanting Praxises
Alinor Archway, Tall  ♦  Alinor Archway, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Bench, Marble  ♦  Alinor Bookshelf Wall, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Shallow Limestone  ♦  Alinor Bowl, Stemmed Limestone  ♦  Alinor Column, Heavy Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Slender Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Column, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble  ♦  Alinor Display Stand, Marble Wide  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall  ♦  Alinor Fence, Tall Long  ♦  Alinor Fireplace, Ornate  ♦  Alinor Floor, Ballroom Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Four-Way Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Fountain, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Pedestal, Timeworn  ♦  Alinor Plinth, Sarcophagus  ♦  Alinor Post, Stone Wall  ♦  Alinor Post, Tall Fence  ♦  Alinor Pot, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Open  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Peaked  ♦  Alinor Sarcophagus, Wedge  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone  ♦  Alinor Shrine, Limestone Raised  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn Wide  ♦  Alinor Stairway, Timeworn.  ♦  Alinor Statue, Kinlord  ♦  Alinor Statue, Orator  ♦  Alinor Table, Decorative Marble  ♦  Alinor Table, Round Marble  ♦  Alinor Urn, Limestone Large  ♦  Alinor Wall Shrine, Marble  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Corner  ♦  Alinor Wall, Stone Long  ♦  Argonian Bowl, Bordered  ♦  Argonian Bowl, Ritual  ♦  Argonian Bowl, Wooden  ♦  Argonian Censer  ♦  Argonian Chest, Carved  ♦  Argonian Jug, Ritual  ♦  Argonian Lamp, Mud  ♦  Argonian Medallion, Stone  ♦  Argonian Mortar and Pestle, Bone  ♦  Argonian Mortar, Bone  ♦  Argonian Pan, Frying  ♦  Argonian Pedestal, Altar  ♦  Argonian Pot, Ritual  ♦  Argonian Ramekin, Bordered  ♦  Argonian Ramekin, Hardened  ♦  Argonian Relic, Basin  ♦  Argonian Relic, Serpent  ♦  Argonian Relic, Small Serpent  ♦  Argonian Tile, Inscribed  ♦  Argonian Urn, Clawfoot  ♦  Ayleid Bench, Carved  ♦  Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered  ♦  Ayleid Bookcase, Filled  ♦  Ayleid Bookshelf, Bare  ♦  Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered  ♦  Ayleid Table, Carved  ♦  Book Row, Levitating  ♦  Book Stack, Levitating  ♦  Breton Amphora, Ceramic  ♦  Breton Figure, Stone  ♦  Breton Urn, Striated  ♦  Breton Vase, Delicate  ♦  Clockwork Charging Station, Animo Core  ♦  Clockwork Charging Station, Factotum  ♦  Clockwork Control Panel, Double  ♦  Clockwork Control Panel, Single  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Capsule Tower  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Compact  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Compact Stand  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Personal Desk  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Powered Capsule  ♦  Clockwork Illuminator, Solitary Capsule  ♦  Clockwork Measuring Cup, Sintered  ♦  Clockwork Mortar and Pestle, Sintered  ♦  Clockwork Switch, Sturdy  ♦  Common Bookrest, Practical  ♦  Daedric Base, Ashen  ♦  Daedric Doorway, Spiked  ♦  Daedric Platform, Ashen  ♦  Daedric Urn, Ashen  ♦  Dres Jar, Stoneflower  ♦  Dres Teapot, Ceramic  ♦  Dwarven Altar, Stairs  ♦  Dwarven Amphora, Sealed  ♦  Dwarven Basin, Forged  ♦  Dwarven Bookcase, Full  ♦  Dwarven Platform, Steps  ♦  Dwarven Table, Assembly  ♦  Dwarven Table, Refined  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Engraved  ♦  High Elf Bookshelf, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Desk, Regal Winged  ♦  High Elf Desk, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Corner  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Dresser, Winged  ♦  High Elf End Table, Verdant  ♦  High Elf End Table, Winged  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Spiked  ♦  High Elf Lamppost, Stone  ♦  High Elf Streetlight, Stone  ♦  High Elf Table, Tea  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Verdant Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Formal  ♦  High Elf Table, Winged Kitchen  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Verdant  ♦  High Elf Trestle, Winged  ♦  Hlaalu Amphora, Sealed Orichalcum  ♦  Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork  ♦  Hlaalu Cannister, Sealed Azurite  ♦  Hlaalu Censer, Mesh  ♦  Hlaalu Jar, Garden Moss  ♦  Hlaalu Jar, Sealed Malachite  ♦  Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle  ♦  Hlaalu Vase, Gilded  ♦  Indoril Incense Cup, Silver  ♦  Khajiit Brazier, Enchanted  ♦  Khajiit Statue, Guardian  ♦  Orcish Bedding, Stone  ♦  Orcish Bookshelf, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Cabinet, Bedside  ♦  Orcish Desk, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Dresser, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Dresser, Open  ♦  Orcish Effigy, Bear  ♦  Orcish Effigy, Mammoth  ♦  Orcish Figurine, Strength  ♦  Orcish Hutch, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Nightstand, Open  ♦  Orcish Sideboard, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Table with Fur  ♦  Orcish Table, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Table, Formal  ♦  Orcish Table, Game  ♦  Orcish Table, Grand  ♦  Orcish Table, Kitchen  ♦  Orcish Throne, Engraved  ♦  Orcish Throne, Skull  ♦  Orcish Throne, Stone  ♦  Orcish Trestle, Engraved  ♦  Psijic Table, Grand  ♦  Psijic Table, Scalloped  ♦  Psijic Table, Six-Fold Symmetry  ♦  Redguard Bench, Arc  ♦  Redguard Bowl, Gilded  ♦  Redguard Jar, Baroque  ♦  Redguard Jar, Oasis  ♦  Redguard Vase, Baroque  ♦  Redguard Well, Arched  ♦  Redguard Well, Covered  ♦  Redoran Amphora, Sealed Marble  ♦  Redoran Jar, Jazbay  ♦  Redoran Urn, Dusky Marble  ♦  Redoran Urn, Imprinted Clay  ♦  Redoran Urn, Pale Marble  ♦  Target Centurion, Dwarf-Brass  ♦  Target Centurion, Robust Refabricated  ♦  Target Skeleton, Humanoid  ♦  Telvanni Arched Light, Organic Azure  ♦  Telvanni Armchair, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Bed, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Bookcase, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Chair, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Desk, Organic  ♦  Telvanni End Table, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Lamp, Organic Amber  ♦  Telvanni Lamp, Organic Azure  ♦  Telvanni Lantern, Organic Azure  ♦  Telvanni Nightstand, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Sconce, Organic Azure  ♦  Telvanni Shelves, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Sofa, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Stool, Organic  ♦  Telvanni Table Runner, Bordered Azure  ♦  Telvanni Table Runner, Gilded Azure  ♦  Telvanni Table, Organic Game  ♦  Telvanni Table, Organic Grand  ♦  Telvanni Throne, Organic  ♦  Wood Elf Basin, Stone  ♦  Wood Elf Cauldron, Stone  ♦  Wood Elf Grinding Stone  ♦  Wood Elf Hearth, Forest

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