Rivenspire Survey Maps of Elder Scrolls Online is on the page.

Rivenspire Survey Maps


Alchemy Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 80.25×32.98

Blacksmithing Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 69.29×62.43

Clothing Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 29.71×64.13

Woodworking Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 54.44×64.39

Enchanting Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 61.82×43.12

Jewelry Survey Map


Exact map coordinates: 67.52x11.71



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    • Anonymous

      kind of amazing after this game being out for decades these are the best maps we have. Surveys on the xbox are f'king cancer and these maps have never gotten better. They are slightly better than the in game hand scrawled ones you already have. I f you have all the points in the world and **** glows for you all over the place, sine... but then you probably aren't here. If you have addons. not here. so who are these for?

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