The new Outfit System is available in Dragon Bones DLC, and allows you the freedom to customize the visual appearance of your character including both the style and dyes. With Outfits, you get to determine the appearance of every aspect of your character, piece by piece, regardless of what you are (or aren't) wearing underneath.


Outfit System Information

To begin customizing your outfit, simply locate an Outfit Station, which are available in most cities and displayed on local town maps, and equip an Outfit via the drop down menu.

  • Every Dye Station previously found in the world has been upgraded into an Outfit Station.
  • In addition to dyeing your equipped armor, hats, and costumes as it did before, these updated stations now also allow you to create and customize the style and dye choices of each slot of your outfits in exchange for gold.
  • You can freely preview as many changes to your outfits as you like, and will only be charged when you finalize your choices. You can also purchase Outfit Change Tokens from the Crown Store, which allow you to completely bypass the gold cost of an outfit change. You can always choose whether to use gold or Outfit Change Tokens when finalizing your selections.

Outfit Styles

  • Before you can modify the appearance of an equipment slot, you first need to unlock the style of the desired appearance. These styles are tracked in a new Outfit Styles category of your collections, which showcases all available styles and provides hints on how to obtain them.

Learning Styles

  • The primary way to learn Outfit Styles is by reading Motif books and chapters. In addition to unlocking the ability to craft in that style, learning a Motif now also teaches you how to apply that style to your Outfits.
  • As this Outfit Style knowledge is an account-wide collectible, learning how to craft helms in the Glass style (for example) on any character allows you to use that to override the appearance of the helm slot of any Outfit on any of your characters.
  • These style collectibles are retroactively unlocked for all the styles you already know how to craft after logging in with a character with the associated Motif knowledge.
  • In addition to Motifs, completing the “Soul Shriven in Coldharbour” quest awards a set of Prisoner's clothing styles, and you can expect additional unique gear and weapon appearances to become available in the future as well.


  • Each slot in an Outfit can be customized individually.
  • Any weight of equipment can be used in your outfits for a given slot. This means that an Outfit can override the style of your chest slot to look like a heavy armor cuirass, even when wearing a light armor jerkin or leather jack, but cannot make your feet look like they are wearing gloves instead of boots.
  • This selection and appearance persists while the Outfit is active even, if you change your equipped armor.
  • You can also set an Outfit to hide your currently equipped helm with the “Hide Helmet” Outfit style, which is always available.
  • Each Outfit selection can also be re-colored, similar to equipment dyeing, using the same dyes you've unlocked via achievements.
  • In addition to armor, weapons can also be visually changed through the Outfit System.
    • Weapon slots are divided into one-handed weapons, shields, two-handed weapons, bows, and staves.
    • You can customize the primary and backup weapons in an Outfit separately, and will only see the weapon types that you currently have equipped. You can simply swap weapons to change which weapon types you are customizing, or swap weapon sets to adjust your other set. If you only override the appearance of two handed weapons in your active outfit, and then change to dual wielding, you will see the equipped weapons without a style override, whereas switching to another two-hander will continue to show your style override.
  • Please note that costumes, polymorphs, hats, and disguises will always override any armor styles in your applied outfit.
  • Additionally, weapon slots in Outfits can be dyed as desired, utilizing the same dyes available for armor. Yes, really.

Material Dyes

  • In addition to the existing dyes, we've also added a new category of "Material" or "Mixed" dyes. These dyes correspond to the color of gear crafted from each of the ten ranks of durable materials, and are each unlocked by deconstructing a piece of equipment made from materials of that rank.
  • For example, deconstructing an iron axe will unlock the "Rank 1 Materials" dye, which matches the colors found on Iron, Rawhide, Jute, or Maple equipment.
  • This allows you the flexibility to recreate any look you may have found appealing while leveling up through various tiers of equipment.

Multiple Outfits

  • Everyone will receive one free customizable outfit per character, and can unlock additional outfits in the Crown Store. These outfits are character-specific, so you can customize each character uniquely right off the bat!
  • Once an Outfit is set, you can switch between Outfits at no cost at any time via any of the following:
    • The character UI screen
    • The new equipment styles category of the Collection system
    • The Outfit Station interface itself
  • You may also deactivate the Outfit at any time, which will return your appearance to showing your currently equipped gear and cosmetic collectibles.
  • Outfits can also be named as you see fit to help keep track of your growing wardrobe.


  • "Convert to Imperial" and "Convert to Morag Tong" are no longer used from the inventory on specific items, and are instead incorporated into the Outfit System.
  • If you possess these collectibles, the Imperial and Morag Tong Outfit Styles are automatically available, and do not cost gold to apply to your Outfits. This means anyone with these account upgrades can choose to make any Outfit slot on any character appear in the Morag Tong or Imperial style free of cost, without actually modifying the item itself.

Furnishing Stations

  • Dye Stations found in homes are visually unchanged, but have been upgraded to the full Outfit Station functionality.
  • A new furnishing with the visual of the new Outfit station is now available on the new Master Writ achievement mediator, Faustina Curio, with all of the above associated functionality. Purchase is unlocked by completion of the Alliance Style Master achievement, which can be earned by learning all 9 of the starting racial styles (not including Imperial).

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