Oasis in a Metal Desert


Everwound Wellspring


Gardening Gloves
Average Leveled Gold

Oasis in a Metal Desert is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC.

Quest Information

Lector Naril oversees the Everwound Wellspring, an oasis in the mechanical desert that is the Clockwork City. He has found a way to grow plants in the metallic soil. Once every year, he shares his harvest and selects a new apprentice.





  • Talk to SherizarSherizar, a Clockwork Apostle initiate who hopes to be selected as this year's apprentice, asked me to accompany her to the entrance to the Wellspring.Objective: Approach the Gate
  • Enter the Everwound Wellspring and speak to Lector Naril. He gives you a tour and notices Sherizar gone, tasks you to find him.
  • Find Sherizar in one of the Wellspring's Fungal Workshops. She asks for help to get past the factotums to find her friend Chirrhari.
  • Talk to Apprentice Chirrhari.
  • Bring 3 Samples of Safe Mushrooms to Idrono. You can gather mushrooms as you walk towards the next point. The notes tell you the safe ones. They are samples B, E, and G.
  • Talk to Apprentice Idrono
  • Talk to Apprentice Ohtowen and use the Speaking tube to talk to Lector Naril.
  • Reach Naril's private workshop, and examine his 4 notes about how the facility progressed.
  • Enter the Atelier and talk to Sherizar to confirm the truth of the sacrifices.
  • Defeat Lector Naril
  • Talk to Sherizar and decide if there should be volunteer sacrifices (Idrono dies) or stop sacrifices altogether (they "look for another way")
  • Talk to Sherizar to complete the quest.



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