If By Sea


Dhalmora, Fort Zeren, Bal Foyen Dockyards, Hidden Dagger Landing Site


Earth-Turner Axe
High Leveled Gold

If By Sea is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

We've landed safely. Captain Rana is going to muster the remaining Bleakrock villagers and the people of Dhalmora. She wants me to ensure the fires are lit in the nearby watchtower so we can warn Davon's Watch, the port city in Stonefalls.



  • Captain Rana



  • Speak to Captain Rana at the dock outside Dhalmora.
  • Find the watchtower.
  • Search the watchtower in order to find the ledger.
  • Talk to Urona at Fort Zeren.
  • Talk to Quartermaster Lineem at the docks.
  • (Optional) Follow her to the supply tunnel.
  • Light the east and west signal fires.
  • Talk to Aera Earth-Turner back in Dhalmora.




  • Next quest is Crossroads .
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