Breaking the Tide


Bal Foyen Dockyards


General Vette's Greatsword
Average Leveled Gold

Breaking the Tide is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Daggerfall Covenant has siezed control of Foyen Docks. An injured Argonian fisherman saw Rana fighting through their ranks.



  • Eleven-Skips



  • Talk to Eleven-Skips.
  • Free the fishermen from the windmill.
  • Go to the eastern docks and help Sergeant Seyne defend the escaping fisherfolk.
  • Find Trynhild in the building on the western docks.
  • Help Captain Rana fight the Covenant commander aboard King Casimir's Pride.
  • Talk to Centurion Mobareed in his quarters aboard The Velvet Lash.






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