Updated Jan 31, 2015 7:53 pm

An Ingredient for crafting food

Can be acquired from Grocers, Flour Sacks and Barrels, Baskets, Crates, Cupboards etc.

Recipes which use this Ingredient

    • Anonymous

      09 Sep 2018 08:30  

      I've only been playing since July 2018 and was wondering where it came from and why so expensive, was hoping for recipe to make from wheat but nothing yet. Checked You Tube and found a guy found a neat trick where, you go to the southern city in Auridon, Venkle Guard(?) and one of the docks has 6 (six) flour sacks you can loot without stealing, several honey barrels, bananas and aples for the taking...then you log out, log back in, and almost all the sacks are full again, ....loot and repeat. If you find a recipe that MAKES flour let me know.

      • Anonymous

        11 Apr 2018 20:37  

        Well... This is some kind of high level weirdness in the game. Actual weapon for killing people is cheap as heck, when flour is for rich people only. I really should stop playing mmorpgs...

        • Anonymous

          27 Feb 2017 06:51  

          Ok it know grocers used to sell this but for some reason they don't where can it be found now aside from containers?

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