Dubious Camoran Throne

Effect Increase Stamina Recovery by 319 and Max Stamina and Max Health by 3192 for 2 hours. (6 second cooldown)

Dubious Camoran Throne is a Provisioning Food in Elder Scrolls Online.


This special recipe may only be obtained as a reward during the Jester's Festival during the Springtime in ESO.

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    • Anonymous

      Event-locked motifs are already a divisive practice made to force jealousy and zealous farming from other players. Don't pretend locking actual game benefits through events is good.

      • Anonymous

        I mean if you can tell me 1 other food/drink that does this then im all ears otherwise yes it shouldnt be locked behind an event as none of the other top tier recipes are.

        • Anonymous

          Obviously people who were lucky will say that, but i played through that event on 3 toons and got no recipe and played eso for at least a few hours each day during event, so yes it does take the piss

          • Anonymous

            Quit crying about it being locked to an event. There are other foods/drinks that work very well. Not our or ZOS’ fault you didn’t play enough or at all during the event. If you’re on Xbox I’ll make you some for free. Add Brockman174. Will that calm y’all down?

            • Anonymous

              They should really release the recipes that are locked behind events... because my Stamina Heavy DK needs this badly.

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