Culture Clash


Alinor, Rellenthil, Lillandril


Club of the Nord Cultural Exchange
High Leveled Gold

Culture Clash is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

Rigurt the Brash, an ambassador from the Nord Cultural Exchange, came to Summerset to broker peace. Unfortunately, he can't get an audience with the Proxy Queen.



  • Talk to Rigurt outside the Alinor Royal Palace.



  • Speak to Courtier Vindilween inside the palace.
  • Gather the three favors Vindilween required.
  • Return to Vindilween.
  • Discuss with Rigurt how to convince Vindilween to grant Rigurt the appointment.
  • Participate in the meeting between Rigurt and Proxy Queen Alwinarwe.




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    • Anonymous

      This is a seriously crappy quest as the core of the quest is good aligned only to force players to do evil things to complete it. There is absolutely no reason good alternatives could not have been offered to acquire the items.

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