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Collectible Furnishings

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Parlor (Tapestries)

Blackwood Tapestry is an Antiquity Furniture in The Elder Scrolls Online. The furnishing is split into 15 fragments, found throughout the Blackwood.


Blackwood Tapestry Information

"Exquisitely designed, this warm-hued tapestry of Blackwood serves as both an art piece and a practical guide to the region."


Where to find\Location

Leads for each fragment drop from Soiled Tapestry Threads, which can be found throughout the central and southern areas of Blackwood. Although the leads themselves are blue in quality, they are Master level difficulty meaning you need to be at least level 7 in Scrying, and have the Antiquarian Insight IV passive to scry.

After collecting, scrying, and excavating all 15 leads, you are automatically awarded the Blackwood Tapestry and it is added to your "Collections" menu.


Blackwood Tapestry Leads

blackwood tapestry leads eso wiki guide





Lead: Soiled Tapestry Scrap Southwest of the Stonewastes Wayshrine, next to an extinguished fire and a tent. Master Difficult to make out what this tapestry scrap might be depicting, what with all this worked-in dirt. We might be able to identify it eventually; it will just take some long and careful cleaning.
Lead: Frayed Tapestry Scrap Inside the Eastern Pass tunnel north of Vunalk Wayshrine, behind a shrine. Master This weaving pattern is fairly distinctive. You often see this sort of thing in Trans-Niben fabrics. The technique may have originated in Elsweyr, but the nobility in Leyawiin made it famous.
Lead: Stained Tapestry Scrap Stonewastes on floor of a destroyed shack, accessible by jumping across from the broken walkway Master I have no idea what's smeared all over this tapestry, but I'm pretty sure it's not blood. Ambergris, maybe? Shame. The weaving on this is remarkable.
Lead: Torn Tapestry Scrap Southeast of The Shattered Xanmeer World Boss. On the floor near the weeping tree. Master Based on the imagery, I'd say this was torn from a larger tapestry. The sort that might take a decade to weave. Alas, fabrics rarely withstand the ravages of time.
Lead: Tattered Tapestry Scrap East of Leyawiin, over the bridge, turn southeast, about 1/3 the distance to the Ayleid Well, under a rock outcropping, next to a skeleton and a backpack. Master Looks like a dog got hold of this. I'm not joking. Look at the stretching here and the crusting at the edges. Whoever gave this to their mutt had no idea how valuable it is.
Lead: Threadbare Tapestry Scrap South of Glenbridge up the hill slightly off the east side of the road, next to a tent. Master Seems that someone might have used this scrap as a quilt patch. Well-worn, that's for certain. Treat this one with care or it's liable to come apart.
Lead: Ragged Tapestry Scrap Next to a boat southeast of Tidewater Cave. Master This looks like a woman's face? Difficult to tell with all the fraying. Whoever she is, she's a subject of adoration. Mara or Dibella most likely.
Lead: Ripped Tapestry Scrap North of the Vunalk Wayshrine, inside a destroyed hut in the middle of the lake. Master There's a compass on this scrap, I'd bet my chair on it! Odd to see map in tapestry form. A mapestry as it were! Ugron, I know you're groaning, but the world deserves more hilarious portmanteaus!
Lead: Grimy Tapestry Scrap Northeast wall outside of The Silent Halls Public Dungeon, next to a dig site with a shovel. Master Someone used this to wipe down surfaces--polishing boots or something like that. Damn shame. What imagery I can make out is quite beautiful.
Lead: Dusty Tapestry Scrap Southeast of the Xeemhok's Lagoon World Boss, in a destroyed hut next to a skeleton Master Doesn't look like this tapestry scrap has seen the light of day in well over a century. Someone likely kept it squirreled away, hoping to reunite it with other fragments. Hopefully, we can finish the work they left undone.
Lead: Filthy Tapestry Scrap Ruined cart southeast of the Blueblood Wayshrine Master Is it just me, or does this look like someone used it as a napkin? Maybe even a babe's bib. You'd be surprised how many priceless relics make it onto peasants' kitchen tables.
Lead: Holey Tapestry Scrap In the Duchess's Private Study hideout north of Gideon, halfway between the Gideon Wayshrine and Salvitto Estate, accessed via trap door; look for it inside the broken alcove. Master This might be the face of Zenithar! Alas, it's been pierced about a dozen times. Seems some bow-toting iconoclast used it as target practice. Joke's on them. Desecrating a rendering of the Divines is seven years bad luck!
Lead: Stitched Tapestry Scrap Northwest of the Xi-Tsei Delve, close to a boat. Master Someone tried to fix this scrap of tapestry with needle and thread. Unfortunately, they botched the job. This needlework is sloppy, but with patience we can remove it.
Lead: Moth-Eaten Tapestry Scrap Southwest of White Stallion Inn, staying to the north side of the brook, inside a cave against the cliff walls. Master Ugh, what a mess. Looks like a whole family of moths ate their fill of this tapestry scrap. We might be able to fix it. It will take a lot of patience and creativity, though.
Lead: Ratty Tapestry Scrap South of the White Stallion Inn, next to a skeleton by the water. Master Just look at the blues in this tapestry scrap. I've never seen such rich azure pigments. Acquiring vibrant colors like this would cost a small fortune. Some wealthy noble must have really loved their weaving.



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