Barrowton's Journal

Barrowton's Journal
Collection Final Words
Author Barrowton

Barrowton's Journal is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Final Words


Where to find Barrowton's Journal

      • Breagha-Fin



Barrowton's Journal Content

Every exploration I undertake is simply more fascinating that the one before. Take this series of caves, for example. The place is called Breagha-Fin, and the legends surrounding the place are simply—well—fascinating! Most of the legends describe the cavern as home to a race of giants that migrated here from the harsh and unforgiving Skyrim wilderness. Of course, no giants are found in the region today, so I'm not sure how much to believe these stories. The place is certainly full of giant accouterments, though. The bones of massive mammoths, including skulls topped with great horns, adorn the walls of the cavern. Since such creatures have never been known to roam the Rivenspire wilderness, the presence of their bones lends some credence to the tales of sojourners from the frigid wastes of Skyrim, though. *** As I write these words, I am listening to sounds coming from the entrance to the caves. Could it be bandits? A wild animal, perhaps? I sincerely hope it's just some traveler, looking for shelter from the wind and rain. Either way, I had better go see what's going on. *** Nords! There are Nords in Rivenspire and they're moving into Breagha-Fin! Should I talk to them? Try to reason with them and convince them to let me leave? Or should I try to find a place to hide and hope they move on? Perhaps that sealed chamber I found on the second level will offer some level of protection. Yes, that's where I shall hide, and hope for the best.


Final Words
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