A Necessary Alliance


Ceporah Tower, Alinor, The Vaults of Heinarwe, Cathedral of Webs


Surcoat of the Psijic Order
Average Leveled Gold

A Necessary Alliance is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Summerset Chapter.

Quest Information

With the Ritemaster dead and the Heart of Transparent Law in Nocturnal's hands, events have taken a grim turn. I need to help the Psijic sages figure out a way to enter the Crystal Tower and stop Nocturnal.





  • Talk to Sotha Sil
  • Go to Valsirenn's study
  • Interrogate Earl Leythen
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Go to the Crystal Tower Gatehouse
  • Talk to Razum-dar in the Watchtower
  • Go to the Crystal Tower Gatehouse
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Defend the Ritual Platform
  • Check on the Tower Sentinels
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Talk to Razum-dar in Alinor
  • Meet the Dog in the Alinor Gardens
  • Follow the Strange Dog
  • Talk to Barbas
  • Find Clavicus Vile's Cave
  • Find Clavicus Vile
  • Talk to Clavicus Vile
  • Gather Vile's Key
  • Talk to Valsirenn
  • Search for Darien and Leythen
  • Talk to Darien Gautier
  • Talk to Earl Leythen
  • Enter the Cathedral of Webs
  • Explore the Cathedral of Webs
  • Talk to Earl Leythen
  • Follow Leythen and Nocturnal's Earl
  • Talk to Nocturnal's Earl
  • Talk to Earl Leythen
  • Go to Leythen's Chamber
  • Contact Mephala Outside the Ruins
  • Talk to Mephala
  • Talk to Valsirenn




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