A Matter of Tenderness


Slag Town Outlaws Refuge


Recipe: Clockwork Citrus Filet
Average Leveled Gold

A Matter of Tenderness is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC. This quest becomes available once Tasty Tongue Varnish is completed. Tarnished Truffles is also necessary.

Quest Information

Brengolin, the cook in Slag Town, needs some assistance in creating some unconventional cuisine. His meat stores are presently empty, so I agreed to assist him with restocking.





  • Gather the meat from wild fabricants. (You can get this anywhere in the Clockwork City)
  • Negotiate with Bratheru Daram to get some nix-hound meat. (Costs 690 gold)
  • Return to Brengolin.
  • Wait for Brengolin to present his new meals and then talk to him.




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