List of XBOX IDs for players in The Elder Scrolls Online. Feel free to add yourself to this list, and find players who have similar interests or objectives in-game! Also see Player Guildes to find a new in-game home.

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Date Server GamerTag
6/16/15 North American FudderMucker13

I play a Wood Elf with the Nightblade Class. Trying to re-build my old character from Skyrim; but that's a different story. If you're looking for an awesome group to explore dungeons and level up, here I am! I am apart of a guild already, so not looking to join or leave my guild, but we are accepting members. We are a very close group, and for that reason, we're only accepting members who are of age (21 +). We are a older group, so no children since we tend to speak loud and curse a lot.

Anyone interested, feel free to drop me a line.
21/10/16 North America AwkwardGamer321  

I play as a Breon Nightblade in the DaggerFall covenant, i am apart of the VII Imperial Legion and am a big part in the Hetalia Empire.

I am always up to play with other people, just hit me up for some PvE dungeons or Cyrodil PvP

 21/06/2018 European DarkTigress958

Iv'e been playing eso for about a month now and i'm looking for people to play with. I have 5 Characters

1. Nala Onyx - Level 8- Knajiit, Nightblade - Location Wailing Prison

2. Orionna - 12 -Nord, Warden Location - Summerset

3. Amarae - 18 - HighElf, Sorcerer - Location - GrahtWood

4. Eostara - 18 - Argonian, Templar - Stonefalls

5. Hellzinski - 12 - Redguard, DragonKnight - Stonefalls


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