Thor Stamsorc

I have an Orc for this for the melee damage boost and max health/stamina, but Khajit would be an equal replacement for the weapon critical and health/stamina recovery. Redguard, Imperial, Argonian or Bosmer would work too for different reasons, all of which would change how you go about using traits, glyphs and even set pieces. One of the reasons I love this build, as long as you play tetris with your build enough, you can make so many combinations work.

All in stamina, adjust health as needed with glyphs.



  • Head- Night Mothers Gaze (Divines, Stamina)
  • Chest- Hundings (Divines, Stamina)
  • Legs- Hundings Rage (Divines, Stamina)
  • Shoulders- Bloodspawn (Divines, Stamina)
  • Arms- Hundings Rage (Divines, Stamina)
  • Feet- Hundings Rage (Divines, Stamina)
  • Waist- Hundings Rage (Divines, Stamina)
  • One Hand Axe- Night Mothers Gaze (Sharpened or Precise, Weapon Damage)
  • One Hand Axe- Night Mothers Gaze (Sharpened or Precise, Weapon Damage)
  • Two Hand Axe- Night Mothers Gaze (Sharpened or Precise, Weapon Damage)
  • Bow- Night Mothers Gaze (Sharpened or Precise)
  • Neck- Agility (Robust, Weapon Damage)
  • Ring- Agility (Robust, Weapon Damage)
  • Ring- Agility (Robust, Weapon Damage)

The way this build works is the more damage you do with crits the more you heal yourself. Hundings Rage is an obvious choice, Night Mothers Gaze is for the crit, but if you're a Khajit you have just about that much weapon crit so you could run a 3pc Lekis instead.

Ability Bars:

  • Stampede (heal, damage, snare)
  • Dizzy (High DPS, stun)
  • Reverse Slice (Finisher)
  • Rearming Trap
  • Dark Deal(heal over time, heal allies)


  • Blood Thirst (main dps, heal)
  • Dark Deal (stamina recovery)
  • Blood Craze (DoT, heal)
  • Rearming Trap ( Root, DoT, Crit damage buff)
  • Steel Tornado (Finisher, AoE, procs heals)


  • Vigor (AoE, finisher, burst heal in mobs)
  • Poison Inject (Damage, Ranged DPS)
  • Critical Surge (damage boost, makes all crits heal for X)
  • Hurrican (speed, resistance boost, AoE, Procs surge heals)
  • Shuffle (snare immunity, dodge boost)

Stam Sorcs really excell at DoT damage and self heal this patch, I know it's not the greatest feat but I've solo ran regular max level dungeons with this. The 2H bar is on there for those who want to run the same old pvp set up you're used to. Still mashes faces but it doesn't heal as much. The way you work this is EVERY crit heals you for a set amount, so DoT is key for surviveability. Crit surge> Hurrican> Shuffle>Injection>Trap>Craze>Thirst/Heavy weave. All your DoTs will heal you so Axes is a big help. My axe bleed hits for over 2k a second non-crit. Dark Deal is your stamina recovery and heals you for about half, thats why it's on the front bar and not vigor. You could swap tornado for Flying Dagger or Shrouded Daggers, Shrouded cost more, has less distance, but with muliple targets does way more damage.

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    • Anonymous

      I run a similar build. I tied briarheart, but went back to agility jewelry, 5x hunding's, 1x kena, and 3-4x night mothers for higher damage. On my DW bar, my buffed damage is 4.3K with 73% critical. You have to love the critical rush, upper cut, critical rush, streak, turn, critical rush, executioner combo. I do use hidden blade for range, but remember that the damage boost doesn't stack with the one you get from critical surge. A couple of other skills that I rotate in depending on the situation are bound armaments [grants minor resolve (stacks with major resolve from thundering presence), 11% increase to heavy attacks, and 5% increase to max stamina] and dark deal (exchange magicka for health and stamina). Great build for pvp and pve. I love playing it.

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