The Best of Friends






The Best of Friends is an Achievement in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Achievements grant in-game points and sometimes special rewards including Furnishings, Titles and Dye colors. You can track your progress by visiting your journal, and finding the relevant section. Playstation and Xbox players can also unlock platform-specific Trophies and Achievements by completing some of these tasks.


The Best of Friends Information

Pet and interact with all the friendly animals in Galen.



Notes & Tips

  1. Pet the Dog Who Guards the Fighters. Gulgore is sitting right outside of the Fighers Guild in Vastyr!
  2. Pet the Cat Who Revels Amongst Pirates. You can find Stormy the Cat inside a large Pirate Tent, North of Llanshara!
  3. Pet the Cow Who Sulks Within the City. Sulks-While-Fenced is near Gulgore and the Fighters Guild in Vastyr!
  4. Hug the Horse Who Awaits Its Master. Dawn's Fancy is also in Vastyr. You can find him waiting in the Stable.
  5. Pet the Dog Who Lives under the Glimmering Falls. Rufus is waiting in the middle of Glimmertarn settlement.
  6. Snuggle the Cat of the Oaken Forge. Finally you can find Melianthe in the Oaken Forge Crafting Stations. Head Northwest from the Llanshara wayshrine to find her.


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