The Astronomer's Apprentice


Mnemonic Planisphere in the Clockwork City


The Astronomer's Orbit
Average Leveled Gold

The Astronomer's Apprentice is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. It is part of the Clockwork City DLC.

Quest Information

Cultists have disrupted Sotha Sil's Mnemonic Planisphere.





  • Talk to Amili Lloryn
  • Follow her into the Mnemonic Planisphere and talk to her again
  • Collect Stars on each wing
  • Bring the stars back to Amili Lloryn
  • Help Amili guide the stars on the upper platforms
  • Talk to the Astronomer
  • Talk to Amili and help her make her decision
  • If she agrees to lose herself, she becomes the new Astronomer
  • If she doesn't agree, she is banished but accepts her punishment. The Astronomer endures.




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