welcome_to_pellitine-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideWelcome to Pellitine 5 Enter Southern Elsweyr for the first time. Outfit Style: Topal Corsair Hat
pellitine-pathfinder-eso-wiki-guidePellitine Pathfinder 10 Discover all the striking locales in Southern Elsweyr.  
southern-elsweyr-explorer-eso-wiki-guideSouthern Elsweyr Master Explorer 15 Discover and clear all caves and striking locales in Southern Elsweyr.  
southern-elsweyr-explorer-eso-wiki-guideSouthern Elsweyr Cave Delver 10 Discover and clear both explorable caves in Southern Elsweyr.  
southern-elsweyr-explorer-eso-wiki-guideForsaken Citadel Explorer 5 Explore and clear the Forsaken Citadel.  
southern-elsweyr-explorer-eso-wiki-guideMoonlit Cove Explorer 5 Explore and clear Moonlit Cove.  
defender_of_pellitine-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideDefender of Pellitine 15 Defeat both world bosses in Southern Elsweyr.  
end_of_the_exile-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideEnd of the Exile 10 Defeat the exiled adept Ri'Atahrashi at his training ground.  
temple_guardian_terror-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideTemple Guardian Terror 10 Defeat the temple guardian Iratan the Lightbringer at the Shrine of the Reforged.  
a_heros_song-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideA Hero's Song 5 Seek the wisdom of a Khajiiti hero of legend in the Senchal Palace terrace after completing the main questlines in Elsweyr and Dragonhold. Title: Lunar Champion
Khunzar-ri's Rest
grappling_bow_pathfinder-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideGrappling Bow Pathfinder 10 Locate and navigate an ancient Dragonguard training ground with your grappling bow. Title: Master Grappler
legacy_slayer-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideLegacy Slayer 10 Find and defeat all remaining members of the infamous Blue Venom pirates, Sea Elf marauders hidden throughout Southern Elsweyr.  
liberator_of_the_lost-dragonhold-eso-wiki-guideLiberator of the Lost 10 Free 25 Slaves and Refugees from the Pirates and Slavers of Southern Elsweyr.  
theater-critic-eso-wiki-guideTheater Critic 10 Find the 10 parts of the lost play of Juluis Crulius, Elsweyr My Love.  


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