Prophet: Quickly now! We must not let Lyris's sacrifice be in vain!

Player: I have some questions.
Prophet: I shall answer what I can, but know that time is short.

Player: What exactly are the Daedra trying to do?
Prophet: The twisted machines of the Daedra are used to draw our land of Tamriel closer to Coldharbour, until the two realms merge. It is the evil dream of Molag Bal and his servant Mannimarco to meld the two realities and make one realm of suffering.

Player: How do you know Lyris?
Prophet: Lyris and I walked together, once. Long ago, we were captured and condemned to this place for becoming entangled in the schemes of Molag Bal, the master of this wretched land. More than that, however, I shall not say. It is not yet time.

Player: Goodbye.

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